About TM Group

TM Group is the holding company incoporating various media activities, both nationally and internationally. In February 2017, Newen is taking a majority stake in TM Group.

Within TM Group, Tuvalu Media develops and produces television programs, drama series, feature films and documentaries for national and international broadcasters, transmitters and other clients. With respect for the viewer, the client and the people with whom the production is made.

Column Film mainly focuses on the production of feature films, television drama and documentaries.

SparkxMedia develops and produces specific (short) form content for any given online platform and with all tools available. Broadcasters, brands and advertisers see and use the new possibilities to reach out to new and existing audience on these platforms.

SparkxMedia collaborates with partner Age Network a Multi Channel Network with over 900 YouTube channels and 228 million views per month. We are able to brand relevant brands or events with help of their most well-known vloggers and share their knowledge of YouTube analytics, channel optimization, so that we can improve our (online) efforts.